Change Happens

Change happens, it’s what we do with it that matters.
Life presents us with many challenges, some very positive and exciting life changing events, others, life changing yes, but possibly not as we would have planned for ourselves. Most of the time we do our best to manage our particular circumstances with the support of family and friends.
Sometimes unexpected and even uninvited experiences bring us into unknown terrain within ourselves, leading to a depth of feelings and emotions that we may have never felt before that can be over whelming at times. Like the death of a friend or close family member after an illness, or suicide, or we may have to bury a child. Sickness can change us and alter the dynamics in our relationships. An accident can happen that leaves not only physical wounds, but possibly lifelong emotional and psychology scars.
Our long term relationship may change, possibly leaving us insecure and isolated from friends and family. Or maybe the silent physical sexual and or psychological abuse and neglect we may have experienced as children is impacting on our present lives. Bullying is a hidden torment with social media being used as a medium. It leaves us feeling exposed and vulnerable, isolated with little or no self-esteem. Inherited family tensions can carry through into our daily lives. All this and more are experiences many of us go through each day, silently and alone.
We carry our pain in our bodies with multiple ailments caused by the stress anxiety loneliness fear hurt and anger to name but a few of the feelings our experience may evoke.
To survive we unconsciously develop coping mechanisms, patterns of behaviour thinking and feeling that are, in truth strategies to help get us through our daily lives. Some of us withdraw, socially and from close relationships, or we immerse ourselves in doing things, busy-ing ourselves to avoid the pain of our reality. Our angry outbursts and hurt may spill over unintentionally hurting those around us.
Are your coping strategies serving you well?
Or are they impeding on the quality of your life and your relationships?
Is the pain of your situation too much for you to cope with?
The great news is that the brain and mind have an amazing capacity to heal, it is what the scientists call neuroplasticity.
Through talking and expressing how you really feel in a safe confidential non-judgemental environment you come to a new understanding of your experience and circumstances. You gain new insights and an awareness of why you react and behave the way you do and how that impacts on your most intimate relationship, with family and friends and on your physical and mental wellbeing. In short Counselling/Psychotherapy allows for change to happen, for wounds to heal so you can have peace of mind and for a new quality of life to be fully experienced by you.
Alve Bevan B.A.hons Couns.Psychptherapy
Accredited member MIACP

For Appointments:
Ph: 0876723597 Email: WWW. Alve

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