Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy west corkYou may ask yourself, “How can talking to a counsellor help me?”…

No man or woman is an island…we are all relational beings, we grow, learn and heal best when in a caring safe and nurturing environment. We grow in our families and through the relationships we have with parents/guardians and siblings, through both good and bad influences. So it is inevitable that  we heal through sharing our pain with someone we trust and whom respects us, because that is what we know as human beings. We have an innate drive to want what is good and true for ourselves.

As your counsellor/psychotherapist I provide  a safe, caring respectful non-judgemental and of course confidential environment. I will draw on my life and work experience and training to create a therapy that is tailored to your needs thus allowing for you to come to new insights and perspectives on your past and present issues, allowing for real change and  healing to happen for you.

Difficult life events both in adulthood and childhood can effect our present life experience. They can be the impetus to make us successful or they can be the Achilles heel that holds us back or distort our relationships with others around us. We develop strategies and defence mechanisms unique to our own needs, we learn ways to cope maybe by withdrawing, or becoming defensive or busy and preoccupied.

I am trained to see beyond these protections and defences, to fully respect their reasons for being there and not to judge, but to gently help you come to a new place within yourself so you can have peace of mind and become the person you want to be.


I have a particular interest in the grieving process. Death and separation can bring us to a depth of pain only those who have experienced it know. I also work with adults who have been abused by their partners, also adults who have been abused as children. The impact these experiences have on a persons life is immense and requires deep understanding empathy and  experience.


My work as a psychotherapist is my passion.


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